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This Privacy Policy explains how we store, use, and share your account information on Showkite.


1.1 Information you provide

We only use the information you provide when you use Showkite.

Account informationWhen you register with Showkite we will store your information such as your name, email, password. Your password will be encrypted to us for enhanced security.

Personal informationOnce you have successfully registered you can provide us with additional information such as: avatar, cover, phone number, address, gender, date of birth. For phone numbers and addresses, we need to verify the accuracy to serve you making payments and requesting a refund.

Other information: We may collect your information through poll forms if you are willing to provide such information..

1.2 The information we automatically receive when you use Showkite

Information to use: We will receive information such as your post count, the number of successful transactions, the number of items you have placed, the keywords you searched for, and other actions when you used Showkite.

Location informationWhen you use some of the features of Showkite, we can retrieve your information such as IP address, Zip Code and some other location information..

Transaction informationWe will receive information relating to your transaction if you use Showkite's payment service such as the amount, time of payment, billing status and payment gateway information.

CookiesWe may collect your cookies or other software such as facebook pixel, mobile identifiers.


Provides, improves and develops the Showkite platform.

Create and maintain a more reliable and secure environment.

Offer, Personalize, Measure and Improve Advertising and Marketing.


We continue to implement and update our administrative, technical and physical security measures to help protect your information from unauthorized access, loss, destruction or alteration. However, the Internet is not a 100% secure environment so we can not guarantee the security of your data transmission or storage.

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